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"Dont Love Me To Death"

I WILL not imagine running thru the woods as MY HUSBAND, the man who is suppose to love you, chased me to kill. Her heart must have been beating fast. Her thoughts must have been on her three 7, 10 and 17 year old children that were left in the house as their dad chased her into the woods."This man is going to kill me" I'm sure she thought. And then he did. Leaving her in the woods to die alone and cold.

Lisa Bell didn't have to die like this.

It's so unfortunate that she called the cops before and never pressed charges. I'm sure she thought they could work it out

This was the results.

Please don't take this as harsh TAKE IT AS REALITY WHEN THIS IS YOUR LIFE.

I WILL be single for the REST of my life if I have to be loved to death

May you Rest In Paradise my Queen.

Leave a comment for this grieving family. This is not what love is suppose to be like.

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