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You Did It Mom! 

Im so proud of you. 


You are the strongest person I know. You, nor my self would be here if it wasn't for your strength and prayers. You have saved my life. For awhile, I was headed down a dark lonely path. Despite my will to stay lost, you insisted I be found and placed where I belonged. Safe and sound. You never gave up on me. You held us both together even when you had nothing left for your self. As I write this thank you with tears in my eyes and joy in heart I am over whelmed with thanks for you, and my lord, for gifting me with such an angelic mother. A mother like I've never seen.

Recently you have given me the BEST gift (Out of many) I could have ever asked for. You took me to our mentor, Queen. Who was able to open our eyes and restore our relationship. This friendship with you is the best friendship I could ever ask for. Through our sessions of mentorship I've learned about many of your trials and tribulations in life and I am so proud to see you turn it all around and not only save your self but save others. Me included. Your story will be written in books one day, and I'm glad I will be able to say thats my mom your reading about. I dont know if ill ever be able to repay you for the many miracles you've performed for me in my life. I just know I will spend my life trying! I love you beyond any words can describe. May God bless you on your new for walk in life. I love you. 



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