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Shalom Omo-Osagle "THE LAST TIME"

Showing love and support for Shalom Omo-Osagle

"The Last Time" is a short film and project I have been working on for the Girls Impact The World Film Festival that I decided to participate in for 2018. It is a film festival that allows young filmmakers and directors to launch their ideas and creativity along with raising awareness about issues that face women and girls all around the world. My video is about Domestic Violence or Violence Against Women in general. Women should have the right and courage to stand up for themselves and defend themselves against abuse and for women that are already in abusive relationships they must know that they are not alone and they should always seek help whether it's from the police, a family member, or even a friend. Tell somebody! This video speaks to those women and encourages them to stand up and declare that this is "The Last Time". Music by: "Better Days"- Websites mentioned: futureswithoutviolence

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