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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens I just wont stop making noise about Domestic Violence. I WONT until it ends This will be one of the sweetest photos that these two precious beings will see of their mommy. Why, because of love, Cierra Hammons wont be able to hug these two physically. She will be their angel forever. It shouldn't have to be this way. Love does not end like this. My Queen, the gates await you and so do your sisters. Circle your family and these two precious babies as you watch them from a distance. The Beautiful Movement loves you To the family and these precious faces, I'm sorry is not good enough but my prayers are with you. I pray for each day to be a better day. I pray that when your tears fall you remember her smiling face. We love you I'd like to also send a pray to the family of Adam Carter who was murdered as well because he was being a friend because Cierra was afraid to talk to her guy by herself. My prayers are with you. He was our hero. We love you Domestic Violence is not your friend. Domestic Violence is not a game. GET AWAY I love you and remember stay BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement #cierrahammons #adamcarter #domesticviolence 

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