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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens As I always say, Domestic Violence doesnt have a face, a color, a race, a gender, a political say or any of that. It is deadly and serious. I want to send prayers out to my Queen Misti, who is a supporter of The Beautiful Movement. Her nephew was murdered at 23 trying to help a Queen who was being violated with Domestic Violence. All he wanted to do my help and this was the result. King William, I'm so sorry. Sorry that you were being kind and wanted to help and this happened. There are some Angel's waiting to protect you. Adjust your wings and fly my King. We love you. Queen Misti, we are here to support you and love on you and your family. Grieve if you need too, cry if you need too, scream if you need too, we got you and are here. We love you #domesticviolence #thebeautifulmovement 

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