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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens When a man talks about "how he would kill a woman", BE AFRAID. Take those words very serious. Queen Tyyatta Thomas 23, heard just that. Why, because the man repeated that to her because he couldnt accept that she wanted to just be friends or at least take it slow. Tyyatta started sharing this with friends but it was all too late when it got to her grieving mom, Queen Lukisha Thomas. Yesterday, this mom had to bury her beloved daughter because she was shot in the head for love. Mom Lukisha, we lift you in prayer. We support you. We grieve with you. We hurt with you. We will fight with you to end this illness. We love you. Queen Tyyatta, your 23 years of life will live on. You loved to dance, so dance my Queen. Fly high beautiful. Angels are waiting for you my Queen. I shed a tear for you because the journey continues. I love you #thebeautifulmovement #tyyattathomas #lukishathomas #domesticviolence #domesticviolencerally2019 

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