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I wanted to share this story of this Beautiful Queen Helene Spizz. She faught a good fight but her demons ended her life on May 11, 2017. Please read her piece as her sister shares all of her stories on facebook at My Name Is Helene Spizz

"No, we don't always ask for, expect or imagine in our wildest dreams what life sometimes throws at us. But when the sh@t comes, those who can remain standing are the ones who are uniquely elevated." ---Helene Meredith Spizz "Sometimes we just find ourselves in a particular place at a particular time. Sometimes we don't realize what we are qualified for until we see it happening." ---Helene Meredith Spizz I suppose looking down I never quite really understood what the impact of my words would be. It was May 11, 2017, 1 day before my 50th birthday. Being the Taurus that I am, family and milestones are everything. As usual, I felt as though I had no one to share mine with me. My confirmation of this was an email I received from my father, who, since 1980 had moved on with his life, marrying another woman and embracing her 2 adopted children as his. In typical malignant narcissistic/sociopathic personality disorder fashion, my father only wanted to erase his past, which includes my mother (who was dead since 2009, my sister and me.) BUT, he did reach out to me, for my 50th birthday, 1 day prior to my actual birthday with this email. "Tomorrow is your birthday. I hope you have a great day." (retyped from the actual email I received, which, at this point, is not being published as part of this post.) Nothing more, nothing less. No attempted phone call. Zero, zilch. Just a 2 line email as if he was making a post to a random 1 of 4000 friends list acquaintance. Perhaps this was the impetus that gave me the final strength I needed to systematically, unemotionally and methodically plan out how I would leave this earth 5 days after my actual 50th milestone birthday. May 17, 2017. The day I used some of the rope I had been harboring to set myself free. IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW NEEDS HELP PLEASE CALL THE NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE: 1-800-273-8255 #MyNameisHeleneSpizz

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