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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and QueensYesterday I cried for 18 reasons. 17 for all the children that had to face someone literally having their life taken away from them and the many parents that were posting about "please find my child" and they never came home and I cried for the one that did this massacre. I cried for him because this child had suffered the loss of two parents, was adopted, expelled from school, etc. A family member said on the news last night " After his mom recently died he was on his own. He is 19. He is grown". THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE THESE KILLINGS. People listen, I am NOT excusing this boys behavior but what I am saying is MENTAL HEALTH IS REAL. It's not a Republician thing, it's Not a Democrate thing, a black thing or a white thing, this is a HUMAN THING. You can NOT expect someone who has gone thru all of that trauma or ANYONE else to be normal. It takes ONE thing to trigger a person with a life like that and then you have things like THIS. If the system was set up correctly he would have NOT been allowed to get ANY type of gun if they knew the history of this child. Forget the second amendment law or what ever it is. He should have NOT been able to purchase as little as a bb gun. Another thing, all of this was on his social media and all we do is look and say "oh he's weird" and we ignore the fact he is crying out for help. WE as a PEOPLE are SICK. All of us. PERIOD. Im at a true loss for words. And for the children that had to witness this, Every last child and teacher needs to be in therapy. Do you know how effecting it will be for these children every time they hear a balloon or a door slam. GET THESE BABIES SOME THERAPY. It's real people. Stop minding only your business and mind soneone elese because THIS IS THE END RESULT.

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