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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens Today I celebrate myself in the observance of Women's Day. I'm sure before this day was established I wasnt suppose to have a voice. I wasn't suppose to have rights. I wasn't suppose to be a entrepreneur. Today, March 8, 2018, I'm proud to call myself a Woman. A African American Black Negro QUEEN at that. A Woman who's voice that is being heard in the United States, Australia, Eqypt, United Kingdom and Canada(my website proves this), A Woman who wasn't suppose to get back up when she was kicked down. A woman who held down 3 jobs with a child when the times were rough. A Woman who has been on her job for 30 years when she was told "you have short comings her lady". A Woman who wasn't suppose to walk thru the same door as everyone else but walks proud thru EVERY door and WILL BE heard whenever I speak. I am....A Proud WOMAN Post a picture of the proud Woman you are. Stand proud for the woman that you are and who are are are destined to become. I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #Thebeautifulmovement #InternationalWomansDay #IAM

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