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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens I know often It seems like I'm always speaking on men in a negative light but there are truly good men out here and monthly I am going to start doing a "KING OF THE MONTH". My first King:


What can I not say about this King. I remember him being younger and running around like the kid that he was. Enjoying life to the fullest. Life got in our way losing touch and the next thing I see him all grown up. Not just grown but grown with a little Prince on his heels. A life altering change but Chandler Daye was and still is in it for the long hall. I've seen him laugh, Ive seen him be SuperMan, Ive seen him change the world, Ive cried in his arms, I've seen him cry and I've seen him struggle with this thing called Life. But one thing I've never seen him do was give up.

Chandler, I want to say THANK YOU for being everything that you stand for. I Thank you for being a dad and a awesome dad at that. I Thank you for supporting people that you don't even know. I Thank you for every tear you have cried and never given up when the times got rough. I want to Thank you for being the King that you are and riding every wave that you have riden by yourself when no one else has riden with you. Continue to cry those tears when needed. It's called cleansing for tomorrow. Continue to be the King that you have been destined to be.

If Chandler has made a impact in your life let him know below. Everyone need encouragement

I love you more then you know. THANK YOU

The Beautiful Movement "Beautiful Carter"

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