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Good morning my Beautiful Kings And Queens Tomorrow I am honored to be one of the "2018 DMV Women Encouraging Women Award Recipients". I'm accepting the award but I am dedicating it to each one of you for supporting me from the beginning. I couldn't do it with out each and everyone of you who have supported me. I also dedicate it to each and everyone of my Queens/Kings who have lost their lives to Domestic Violence as well as the ones still fighting. I dedicate it to the ones fighting Mental Health Issues and who have lost their battle as well. To my mommy who stands with me EVERYTIME I Love You beyond words. And to the one that looked in my eyes and gave me the strength to hold on, Kevin Deleono Ryan, THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME. I Love You TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. THIS is for EACH and EVERYONE of US I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL 

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