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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens IM OVER IT: I will not like a status anymore with teenagers having babies, because we are creating more of US. What's the celebration...LOOK AT US I will not like a status of you and your boo when I clearly know you were just in my inbox because your having problems(cheating, mental, physical AND financial abuse) I will not like a status with a posting of you and your red bottoms and LV bag and you are broke in a million pieces crying in my inbox I will not like a status when you and your boo are on vacation and clearly in my inbox asking for a place to stay And YES I have that right because you know what? I'm tired of burying people. I'm tired of these fake fantasy hurtful relationships that you are in and you KNOW your hurting. I'm tired of living YOUR lie with you. This doesn't have NOTHING to do with the devil or the world ending it has EVERYTHING to do with US If I didnt care I wouldn't be posting these post EVERYDAY. I wouldn't be sitting on the phone with you for hours at a time EVERYDAY. I wouldn't be crying with yall EVERYDAY. We have got to get it together NOW The only finger we can point at now is the one you see in the mirror P.s. I'm not here for likes in here to save lives I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL 

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