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50 Punches

100 Kicks

24+ Stab Wounds

Hot Wax Burns

Hit with Furniture

Protein cans thrown

And guess what? She survived. Kristina Perry, 22, was brutally attacked by the man that was suppose to love her. Her man age 35 went thru her phone and I'm guessing he didnt like what he found. Beat her for 40 minutes straight until somehow she managed to get to her front porch and neighbors called the police. Thank God she survived. 

Do you know after all of that she asked that the charges be dismissed and free him from jail? Shes claims that it was her fault for this horrible attack. 

Unfortunately this is the mind of someone that is truly controlled and is a victim of Domestic Violence. 

Prayers to this Queen that she truly finds her self esteem before he truly kills her 

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