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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens It's always a blessing to see our young do for themselves and become very successful. My Queen, Kimieona Holt, 26 had it all going for her. She was a R.N., had a beautiful 1 year old daughter, had her own home, etc. You would think all of that mattered. But it didnt when she was afraid for her life. She did exactly what she was suppose to do. She got a restraining order. That didn't matter. Her life, ended when her childs father didnt adhere to the order and killed her as well as himself. My Queen, bless your precious heart. I'm sorry. You did everything right. Fly high and meet your new angels. You will be protected now. Send a mass of protection for your princess you left behind. I pray for her and your family. We love you If you or someone you know is in a Domestic Violence Relationship get the help you need. The outcome is death if you dont get out. THIS IS REAL 800 799 7233

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