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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens "BEAUTY OF THE MONTH" I post so many heartbreaking story that when I get to post a true survivor story it warms my heart. Meet our "Beauty Of The Month", Caj Forrest. I cant say how proud I am of this Queen. In her teenage years, she had experienced a very violent relationship. This relationship pretty much damaged her life causing her to emotional eat and at her highest weight she was over 350 pounds. The food was to cover the pain that she had endured from this relationship. To take her life back she started doing 5k run/walks. To date she has completed 4 and look what she was wearing as she crossed that finish line. YESSS Lets show this beauty our support and love as she continues on this amazing journey to love her self again and shed that dead pain that she has been carrying around. Her beginning weight was 350 and she has lost 160 pounds. OMG AMAZING and so proud of you. Yessss my Queen we see you and love you. YOU GOT THIS. If anyone else has a success story and how they are concurring their low self esteem and trauma please share. We support and love you. #yougotthis #goals 

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