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"Why Don't you just leave"

Often times people don't understand why we stay in abusive relationships. Speaking from experience my abuser would tell me he would kill me if I would ever leave. If you are getting abused, getting beat, knives or guns pulled on you, YOU ARE GOING TO BELIEVE THEM. If you have never been in a abusive relationship please stop telling someone to just LEAVE. You can get them killed. What you can do is be a listening ear. You can be that shoulder to cry on. And if you don't have any advice for them then tell them that. They would rather you tell them you don't understand abuse then to give them false information. Also a lot of times, when you tell a victim to JUST LEAVE, you are making them feel even more abused. They already feel lost and NOW they wont come to you because they will feel attacked from you as well. Here are ways to comfort a victim:


2. Help them with a escape plan if that is what they want from you

3. Offer them words of encouragement, Say things like, “I’m sorry this is happening to you,” “I know it’s complicated,” “It’s not your fault,” “You don’t deserve this,” and “This doesn’t change how I feel about you"

4. Speak to them when they can speak to you. A lot of times abusers are always checking the victims phone or social media so contact them when its ok for them

5. Offer them numbers for the hotline or shelters if they need help in searching those while they are planning their escape

Again be there for THEM. Keep your negative thoughts to yourself. they don't need that in a time like this.

Stay Beautiful and I LOVE YOU

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