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"Approximately 9 months ago I was dispatched to a violent physical domestic being called in by the victims friend. Long story short the victim was in her house with her female friend, the friends two children and the victims New boy friend and her young child by a different male. The child’s father kicked open the victims front door and began punching her. The new boy friend left the residence and didn’t help her. The victim was able to run out of the residence and baby daddy followed her. The victim was repeatedly punch and kick then dragged across the concrete back to her apartment. The baby daddy picked her up and body slammed her on the living room floor where she became unconscious and suffered a 9 inch laceration to her forehead. Baby daddy then barricaded the front door so she couldn’t leave and we couldn’t get inside to help her. Over 1 1/2 hours we tried to talk to baby daddy who kept hanging the phone up. During the 1 1/2 he continued to beat on her. Right before SWAT was going to make entry to get her baby daddy walked out of the front door. I charged him with burglary / battery, false imprisonment, depriving the victim of medical treatment, deprive the victim to 911 and felony battery. Once at the hospital it was determined he broke both her jaws as well and had to get her jaws wired shut. I also found out this was the second time he’s broken her jaws and they have had a long history of domestic violence. Due to her jaws being wired shut I was unable to get a sworn taped statement from her but her female friend did provide one. I went back to her residence about 4x to try and get a written statement from her but I was told she was never home but her car was in the parking lot. Due to the victim not providing a statement the Broward County State Attorneys Office dropped all charges on the baby daddy. I was just informed about 3 weeks ago he beat her ass down again but not in our city. Law enforcement will find her dead soon"

These are words from my cop friend. His final statement " Law Enforcement is going to find her dead soon" is a harsh reality.


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"Beautiful" Carter "Empowering Women"

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