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"Therapy" The New Era

If I had a choice I would say that Therapy should be the new Era. Therapy should be the words coming out of everyone's mouths today. You got Domestic Violence, Mental Abuse, Financial Abuse, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, etc. These things didn't just pop up over not. You don't just start drinking just because or someone blowing up a building just because, what you have is trauma in someones background. I can use myself for an example. My father wasn't in my life so it made me look for love from a man. Yes I received love from my family but having that fatherly love was missing. It made me run to a man looking for what was missing. The person I ran to was abused, mistreated and not loved. So here you have two broken people looking for the same thing. That is a complete train wreck. We even went to therapy to try and fix our relationship but I know for me, my therapist at the time didn't dig deep. The only thing he tried to fix was the relationship. He didn't try to fix the individuals. With that, nothing was going to get fixed because WE as INDIVIDUALS weren't fixed.

I recommend Therapy for anyone. Our past can determine our future. If you have a past of trauma, most likely you will bring it into your future unless you get the help you need.

When looking for a therapist make sure that you ask for a phone consultation to see if they are a perfect fit.

They are not suppose to be your friend

Make sure they give good homework for you

Make sure they dig in your past. Again most of the time your past has caused your future to be a disaster

I know all therapist tend to be on a time clock but make sure your not just an appointment. Make sure they truly are interested in you

What are other things to look for in a therapist?

If you have gone to therapy please share of you felt it worked or didnt

Please feel free to comment below

I love you and Remember STAY BEAUTIFUL

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