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"Living The Life of Domestic Violence

Living with Domestic Violence is not easy. One day you are Happy and the next day you are crying tears from your past. For me it was a simple rain drop to my face. These are called Triggers. I remember one day recently I was on the way to work. As I got out of my car and headed into my office, it started raining. All of a sudden I started crying. Crying harder then I think I have every cried accept when my grandparents died. I didn't even know why I was crying so hard. I couldn't catch my breath. As I reached my office, I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up. A hour had passed and it baffled me as to why so many tears and then it hit me like a ton of breaks. In my past of Domestic Violence which was years ago, I remember my Ex getting mad at me for some reason and we were outside and I remember him spitting in my face. I remember when I started to cry he told me if I cried he was going to beat me. I never cried. All those years I never cried for that moment. That day, recently, when it rained, those were the tears from THAT day. I have never cried but the ran drops reminded me of that very day. I finally was able to cry and share my tears that I had never got a chance to cry for. Those are Triggers that a Domestic Violence Survivor has to live with. It can be a song that was played during your time of Trauma, or a Tv show that came on doing that time. It can be anything. Patience is something huge in dating someone like us. Doesn't happen often but when it does you have to be prepared. We may cry or scream but we will get over it. We just need that moment. LIVING THE LIFE OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

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