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Three Motherless Children

Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens "You won't be seeing us anymore, come get the kids". This is what Crystal Felipe's husband told her sister. When Cyrstals brother and sister arrived at her house there was blood in the garage and the kids were safe in the house. This man beat her or let me say cracked her head open with a hammer. He put her in his trunk, drove to the casino, laid her on the ground and called the police. Dead at 42 leaving behind these three Beautiful children. You BUILD with a hammer you don't KILL. Who is going to explain to these Beautiful souls that there dad killed their mother with a hammer? Remember these children will grow up. Then we wonder why people act out. It's because of trauma like this. THIS HAS GOT TO END. Domestic Violence is ruining lives I'm sorry Crystal. You didn't have to die like this. May you rest in paradise. I love you #thebeautifulmovement #domesticviolence

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