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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens 911: How Can I help you? Keytondra: My Ex boyfriend is chasing me with a gun 911: Mam, Mam, MAM DEAD AT 22 Keytondra "Keke" Wilson shot dead at the age of 22. She did everything right. She left him. She moved on. But he couldn't. His thoughts I'm assuming "IF I CAN'T HAVE HER NO ONE WILL". He left her with shots to her chest slumpt over the steering wheel. WHY. WHY My Queen, as I apologize to others I apologize to you. I'm sorry. You did everything right. I wish you were here but you don't have to be afraid anymore like those last 2 seconds. Prayers to you entire family. May you rest in paradise. I won't stop bringing awareness. I promise you. I love you just as much as you all are tired of seeing this on my page, I'm just as tired as posting it. It rips me apart. Makes me wonder, the day I had a gun pulled to my head as I sat in the dark how these Queens feel when these monsters pull the trigger. Your last thoughts, your beg to PLEASE DONT KILL me is unthinkable. I literally can't think straight. WHAT THE F*** DO I HAVE TO DO TO STOP THIS. #thebeautifulmovement #IAM #Ketondrakekewilson

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