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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens

I never said there was a age limit to Domestic Violence. Jaelynn Rose Willey 16, was known for being the latest school shooting victim. They haven't really spoke about the fact that she had broken up with her befriend recently and she was a target. The 17 year that shot her came there with a purpose. Probably like most, with the saying, " if I can't have you no one else will".

Brain dead at 16 she leaves behind 8 brothers and sisters and a mother and father.

Jaelynn, I prayed that the angels up above will welcome you with open arms. They will protect you my princess. I love you and I'm sorry

I'm going to leave this right here. 16 YEARS OLD. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE #thebeautifulmovement #jaelynnrosewilley #domesticviolence #Schoolshooting

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