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Good evening my Beautiful Kings and Queens I'm pissed this morning that I have to report that to date their are 156 Domestic Violence Murders with Sharika Bowman, 35, being the latest victim. Her 16 year old heard gun shots and went out to see that his mother was slumped over in her truck DEAD. I didn't mention that the man that was suppose to love and protect her shot in her truck 5 times and is her killer. She leaves behind 5 children: 16, 13, 5, 1 and 1 month. Sharika, my Queen, I'm sorry your baby had to find you like this. Please protect him. Please guide his anger of this and his mental. He as well as his 4 siblings need your protection. Fly high my Queen. I love you I'm going to say this again, to date, 156 people have been murdered to Domestic Violence and it's only April. Some of you continue to read my post AND like it and are in the same situations. PLEASE BE AFRAID. Get the help you need DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE #sharikabowman#domesticviolence#murder#relationships#love#atlanta#ga

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