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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens

Last night I cried myself to sleep again because another one of my sister's or should I say OUR sisters has taken her wings. I literally couldn't breath because I had a trigger imagining how she felt when she hid from her abuser trying to save her life. Thinking of her children, her family, her friends and in one second she was gone. Shot to death. Left there to be found by her children and loved ones on the roof because she climbed ...out a window to hide and he found her. Smh

Victim 159

Erica Gould dead at 30

My fingers are numb from typing this nonsense every single day. My heart is heavy because these are innocent people that didn't have to die. But I will say my voice is still strong. God will not let my voice go unheard. I'm going to scream from the mountain top NO MORE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

Erica, I love you and I'm sorry. You have gotten your wings so fly free my Queen. There are 158 sisters waiting to wrap their arms around you and send prayers down to your precious children and your family and friends. We love you.

I know i dont need to ask but i need each and everyone of my Beautiful Movement friends and family to send some love and prayers to Erica's friends and family please.

To Adrienne Sterling Latoria Thomas, Felicia Austin to Erica's children, friends and family, we are here for you. We are your extended family now. When ever you need to scream, cry, talk we are here for each and everyone of you. We are in this TOGETHER now. We will love on you every day. We love you and our condolences to each and everyone of you.

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