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Her Name Means "Beautiful From the Inside Out"

Meet and welcome our youngest Princess to the Movement, Zayna. When Zayna walked past the table, instead of her wanting a toy she wanted to hear about The Movement. She told her mom "i just have to have this shirt because it matches my name". Her name means Beautiful From the Inside Out. She truly made my day. I said " Now You stay Beautiful. She quickly said " You know I will". Her spirit was awesome. Mom and I was cracking up I LOVE Her confidence. Queen in the making Thank you @mommydearest3 for an amazing event and allowing me to share The Movement. Thank to all who came out and supported and purchased from The Movement and THANK YOU to my sissys Yvette Michelle Hughes and Tracey Hughes I LOVE YOU #thebeautifulmovement#empower#children#beautiful#youth#love#encourage#powerful

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