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The day it all began

This is were it started. It has been there or four years now when I first put this shirt on. Scared to death, I was ready to release me to the world. Walking around with my LV purse, dressed to the nines, every one thought I was perfect but behind my cover was a broken soul. A woman that wanted to free her hurt and pain and i did it. ...

Today I am free. I'm free to cry, I'm free to scream, I'm free to be me. No more hiding from my truth. I can admit i am a Surviving Survivor of Domestic Violence. But there is not a day that doesn't go by that I remind myself I AM BEAUTUFUL.

This day was never about anyone accept ME. I didn't forsee the future that MY pain would free others pain and now it's about US.

Today, April 12, 2018 we walk in OUR truth. We have freed OUR pain TOGETHER.

To everyone that has freed themselves I Thank you. Our journey is not over but TOGETHER WE WILL BE FREE

I LOVE YOU and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement #WEareBEAUTIFUL

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