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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens When I say I am smiling from ear to ear this morning. Last year I introduced you to my friend Butch who was a homeless man. My "Gentle Giant" always would tell me how crazy I was for going up to the homeless people and just giving them 5 minutes of my time. Well my friend Butch and I talked for 20 minutes and he was telling me all about his life. His life was in a photo album. That's all he had. Well the Gentle Giant saw him the other day and GUESS WHAT? My BOO THANG(Butch) has got a job and is the Assistance Manger at a fast food chain in DC. He told the Gentle Giant after he had that conversation with me last year that he walked into this spot and told them he was looking for a job and when could he start. He said he stood there proud and was not leaving until he got the job. And he GOT THE JOB. He told the Gentle Giant that he loved me for being me and when ever I wanted food it was on him for life. Lol so tickled If you are ever in DC and see Butch tell him how proud of him you are. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind too. Butch is living proof It's the little things in life that make me happy and THIS has made my year. I can't waittt to walk in and surprise him. Make someone's day. Just have a conversation with ANYONE. You never know how you can change a life. I love you all and remember....STAY BEAUTIFUL

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