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Happy Mothers Day to you my Queen When I see you I see a Queen. A hard working, loving, single mother, grandmother, friend who has giving me life. I see alot of myself in you. I see the joy you bring to others, I see how you make others laugh, I see how you will give your shirt of your back and I must say I'm proud to call you my mom. The woman that stepped up to the plate when my tears needed to be wiped, the woman that did what my father didn't do the best she knew how, the woman that stepped right in when I was a single mom and you didn't let me walk my walk alone, a woman who fed me when her funds where low, A WOMAN. Thank you mom for being my mom and loving me like no other. Thank you for whooping my ass when I needed it., Thank you for loving your grandson, Kevin Deleono Ryan and yanking him in the collar when he needed it. We love you and appreciate all that you stand for. Every day is Mothers Day in our book. You deserve the best and we are going to give it to you. We love you

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