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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens "Crystals" I come to you this morning for your prayers for this grieving mom, Teresa Berry who lost her precious Queen, Tatanisha "Nene" Berry on Jan 13, 2020. After speaking with her yesterday I felt obligated, I felt I owed it to her to honor and remember her daughter. I felt it nessacary because as a system we have failed. We didnt protect our Queen. Why, WHY did her abuser have 10 prior charges of Domestic Violence against him and he could roam the streets. WHY did Tatanisha go to the police dept begging for her life and help after he strangled her. The judge told her he needed more proof. 3 days later...she was the same hands that strangled her, three days before. Is THAT the proof you needed judge???? Teresa, my Queen, we failed you, we failed your daughter. Sorry is not enough. Allow me to stand with you to put this Domestic Violence to a end. Allow me to continue to be heard that THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Allow my shoulder to hold you when you need me. I love you and The Beautiful Movement supports you. Queen Tatanisha, fly high my Queen. There are angels waiting on you. Give us your voices to end this. We pray in your name and love you. #domesticviolence #tatanishaberry #thebeautifulmovement

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