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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens Her Beautiful eyes and her deep dimples and heart of gold was not enough. Our Queen, 19 year old T'ea Choates, was found murdered and buried in the woods and three months pregnant due to Domestic Violence. Her beautiful and heart broken Queen mom stated that T'ea said "I could change him, I can help him". And she couldn't. He loved her and her unborn child to death. Queen T'ea and your unborn. My apology wont be strong enough but I pray your ready to recieve the Angels that are waiting for you and your unborn. They have love for you and will welcome you with open arms. We love you. To your beautiful Queen mom Ebony and your siblings, my heart is broken. As a mom I wont imagine but I offer my shoulder to lean on, scream on and cry. We are here for you and love you. We are sorry. Queens, just know, you can NOT change a man to love you. You CANT. So STOP trying. I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement #domesticviolence #teachoates #ebonyking

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"Beautiful" Carter
"Beautiful" Carter
13 feb. 2020

Amen my Queen


Onbekend lid
12 feb. 2020

My Condolences go out to this Beautiful Queens mother and siblings😢. T’ea, soar high with the Angels and watch over your mother and siblings🥰😘. Ladies, you cannot change anyone. They have to seriously want to change and for themselves. Your efforts are in vain if you think otherwise. Please don’t live with the false notion that “YOU CAN CHANGE HIM!” God Bless you all❤️

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