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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens *******TRIGGER WARNING******* Last night I had the PLEASURE of speaking with this broken Queen who lost her son just 5 months ago. Today I am emotionally, physically and mentally drained. I never post without the consent of my victim. I asked this Queen if I could share because I felt her heart as a parent. I know she needed us and I know The Beautiful Movement would come thru with words of comfort. Her precious princess, 2 years old, was sat on by her ex because he got mad. JordYn Denver is in a wheelchair and has cerebral palsy. She tried to get to her baby but he toke her wheelchair so she couldnt get to him. He died, March 15. The picture is Jodi kissing her prince, Oakland J Oburu for the last time. The third picture is our little prince Queen Jodi like I told you last night I love you and I promised some prayers for you. I want to say I'm sorry but I cant. I'm so angry. So angry for you and angry for our little Prince. He will be your comfort and yes, get angry and cry when you want to. We got you. I love you Prince Oakland, I love you. Some Angels are waiting on you to give you some loving. Watch over mommy and your baby brothers. We love you Guys this is real. Daily it's getting harder and harder. I dont know how much more I have to post for SOMEBODY to wake the Fuck up. And I'm NOT sorry for my words because this shit is getting out of control. I love you and stay Beautiful #thebeautifulmovement #domesticviolence #oaklandjoburu #jordynhoebelheinrich

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