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Good morning my Beautiful Kings And ********MENTAL ILLNESS IS REAL************ I want to make it very clear that NO ONE is exempt from mental illness. If you see any of these signs in ANYONE get them help. Instead of you saying someone is crazy, reach out to them. Have that conversation. You may be able to save a life as well as a school shooting, etc. This is very serious. I know what it feels like to lose a piece of your mind. It feels like you are walking in a empty space with no direction. Thank God I was able to pull myself out of it but everyone can't. So help someone TODAY. Not tomorrow, it may be too late Help someone Here are some signs to beware of I love you all and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement 1. Feeling very sad, withdrawn or unmotivated for a period of two weeks or more 2. Trying to kill yourself or others. Having strange thoughts 3. Completely out of control with your behavior 4. Not eating 6. Several mood swings 7. Hard to concentrate or can't keep still 8. Social withdraw and isolation from others 9. Strong feelings of anger 10. Seeing things that are not there or hearing voices 

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