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Good morning my Beautiful Kings And Queens I often here that "omg you talk so much and you never get tired". I've even been told I sometimes talk AND laugh in my sleep lol. Actually when your life had been taken away from you for 8 years it is a blessing to be able to talk. I posted this picture this morning and got pretty emotional. Never in a million years going thru that trama did I ever imagine a smile or a laugh would come out my face. If you have never walked in my shoes you just wouldn't understand. You couldn't laugh when you wanted to. You couldn't talk unless it was ok so THIS was a privilege back then. But NOW it's who I am. Laughing is my medicine. Didn't say every day I can laugh because the struggle is real BUT I can laugh when I want to and can talk when I want to. For all who have walked this walk it's ok GET EXCITED. For all who are still in your situation your yellow brick road is coming. And for all who haven't walked this walk be greatful. I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement

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