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On my journey of healing from Domestic Violence I had lost my beauty on the outside and definitely on the inside. I tried several things to make me feel beautiful. It didn't work. One day I said I'm going to design a shirt just for me. I felt if I wore it every day it would make me feel some kind of way. I would wear this shirt every day to the gym. Afterwards I would look in the mirror and tell myself " I Am Beautiful". Often times I would have conversations with people about life and they would tell me maybe I need a shirt like yours to feel better. With time the shirt truly made me feel better. I wanted to share with the world what I was feeling so here they are. I have sold many shirts all over the world in Hope's to change my Queens lives. I dont sell them for fashion, I sell them for growth. 

You can get your "Beauty Wear" on this site(go to the merchandise button and click), you can send me a email thru the contact page or you can go to the

Join the movement. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

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