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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens Yesterday we laid to rest OUR Princess, OUR sister, OUR daughter, OUR cousin, etc. I dont know about you but I'm pissed. Let me say it again I'm F@@@@@@ PISSED. My son and I were having a serious conversation last night and yes we buried this Princess but what are we going to do today. Why aren't we in the streets NOW. Why arent we coming in trenches to get these people off OUR streets. I dont want anyone to mention to me about the White House or who's responsible this is now become OUR problem. Why arent we mad TODAY? I'm not making excuses but ANYONE that can pull up on a street and damn near close their eyes and start shooting are SICK. These are people who have been violated, who dont have fathers, watched their moms get beat or dont even have a mom and dad, etc these are SICK PEOPLE. I cry for EVERYONE. We can continue to close our eyes to rapes and domestic violence and mental health if we want to but I promise you OUR problem will get worse. Dear Princess Mikiyah, I can't speak for no one else but myself but I have failed you. My voice is loud but it still isnt being heard. I wont stop because you are apart of me. I was suppose to be your village but I failed you. I'm sorry Princess. May you fly high and rest peacefully. I love you #thebeautifulmovement #mikiyahwilson I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL 

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