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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens ****ABUSE and HOLIDAYS**** While everyone is getting prepared for their cookouts and the long weekend, a victim, such as I was, is dreading it. Anyone that has been or unfortuntely still is a Victim knows exactly what I'm talking about. Instead of preparing for fun, your preparing for what happens when your abuser starts drinking or is high or when Male friends AND family are at the cookout. Normally all the hugs that you get when you haven't seen everyone is accepted in a normal relationship but in a abusive relationship it is not. I remember one time at a FAMILY cookout a Male COUSIN came to hug and kiss me. I didnt want to accept it nor let go because I knew my abuser was watching. As i was correct, he hugged the SAME Male(mind you know laughing and telling him how much he missed him) and starred me down at the same time. I knew what that met. When he got me alone, he told me I was sleeping with that COUSIN and he promised I was going to get my ass beat when I got home. His promise was kept. As for the alcohol that is being served or the weed that is being passed, this not help the situation. It intensifies their behavior. For anyone that knows of someone in a situation like this. Pay attention. You will notice the victim at the cookout tending to stay to theirselves or only talk to the females. If you are THAT victim I'm praying for you now. My heart aches cause holidays are the worst. Just know that I've been there. Just know you can be on the outside looking in just like me. YOU MATTER I pray for your safety. And all that are in a normally healthy relationship, Enjoy your Holiday. #Thebeautifulmovement 

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