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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens Each and everytime I post a post of Domestic Violence it sends chills thru my body. Chills because I was THAT Queen. Didnt die physically but I damn sure died mentally. A mental death is slow. A mental death plays tricks on you making you believe you are beyond crazy and you might as well take that knife or gun and end it all. This is all because you have given your strength to someone else to control you and make your desicions for you. Today, I have my strength back. But let's not get it twisted, I have dedicated my life to a lifetime of therapy and self reflection. And can I say I'm walking on cloud nine. Yup with me, myself and I. My stress today is if I like these glasses. Cant explain how exciting it is that its MY CHOICE and not his. If you want to get your life back, TODAY is your day. YOU ARE WORTH IT I love you all and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement 

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