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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens ****INFORMATIONAL TUESDAY**** I know I'm about to ask alot of you but I need a favor from you. As much as you pray for our Victims I need you to pray for our Abusers. Let me tell you why and Im NOT making excuses for them but I am giving you their reality. Abusers dont wake up and one day say I'm going to kill today or I'm going to beat a person to death. Most of the time they are at their final straw or they feel they have nothing to live for so they act. Here are some reasons people abuse: 1. They have been abused themselves so that's all they know. 2. They grew up seeing their mother/dad abused 3. They are a victim of some type of trauma in their younger years and they have never dealt with it 4. Afraid of being alone 5. Weren't taught how to be a man/women and allowed the streets to raise them Again I am not making excuses but this IS there reality. When the one person they have left(the Victim) is about to leave them as well that is their last straw. They dont care at that point. What do they have to lose. They need help and prayer too. I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement

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