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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens I figured why I woke up in a fowl mood this am. Everytime I have to post a story about one of my Queens it puts me back in that dark room with a gun held to my head. Each time I think of how he could have pulled the trigger but he didnt. A tear rolls down my face right now as victim number 444 is with the Angels. Carmen Hendrix shot and killed by her husband. No children but just recently married to someone who was suppose to love her. Someone who was suppose to be her backbone as she was a author who spoke about HER molestation and rape when she was younger. He was suppose to be her protector. But he wasnt. He killed her. In their home and then killed himself. WHY? My Queen Carmen, I apologize that you had to suffer AGAIN. I'm sorry you were gaining your strength back and he toke it. I'm sorry. May you rest in paradise with your other angels who are waiting for you with open arms. Yall I dont know about you all but I'm terrified. Terrified to the point of I dont want to do this anymore but I wont stop. I'm terrified for the next Queen who is in this situation reading this and YOU WILL BE NEXT if you dont get the help you need. My heart hurts I love you all and remember stay Beautiful #thebeautifulmovement #carmenhendrix Thank you DrFaraji Touré for allowing me to share your friends story. My prayers are with you. 

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