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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens Day 3 Domestic Violence Awareness Month Excuse the language on the picture but I love EVERYTHING about the simple words in that picture. That picture goes for men as well for the ladies. I dont care who it is from your mother, father, boss, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband,wife etc that should not treat you with respect. NO ONE. You have every right to say "wait a minute, if you cant respect me then you dont have the PRIVILEGE to speak to me". Alot of us, me included, have giving the power to others to mistreat us and that is our own fault because they only do what we allow. Starting TODAY, If you have given someone that power to mistreat you, TAKE IT BACK. repeat after me, I will NOT allow anyone to mistreat me. Today I take ME back I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement #domesticviolenceawarenessmonth #800799SAFE 

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