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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens I'm going to say this again, Domestic Violence does not discriminate. A former judge and a business development director was known for his violent past. In 2014 he punched Aisha Fraser more than 20 times, slammed her head against a car dashboard fracturing bones in her face, bit her on the face and guess what? He ONLY served nine months. At that time their daughters witnessed the terrible attack. Aisha divorced him but that just wasnt enough. Yesterday, 4 years later, her daughters Audrey, 11 and Ava, 8, witnessed the DEATH of their mother. This time he stabbed her and left her for dead in their driveway. To my Queen Aisha, I'm starting to sound like a broken record but I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you moved on with your life and he still didnt leave you alone. Fly high my Queen. Watch over your Princesses and your family. I love you ENOUGH IS ENOUGH #thebeautifulmovement #aishafraser #domesticviolence 

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