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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens The last couple of victims that I have posted about recently did something that I felt the need to speak on. RULE #1 - Telling your boyfriend/husband girlfriend/wife that you are leaving OR you have another partner is a DEATH SENTENCE. That sends the abuser over the edge. The "if I cant have you no one will" statement is REAL. Do NOT do this. You must leave with a plan and in silence. 1. Make a escape plan 2. Set money aside 3. Pack a getaway bag 4. Create a false trail(meaning dont do the normal routine) 5. Check out shelters 6. Confide in someone 7. Make a copy of all your documents 8. Log out of all social media 9. Turn your map quest off on your phone or get another one. They may be tracking you 10. Remind yourself this will not be easy but you can do this. And yes feel free to share anything I post. Remember LEAVE IN SILENCE. I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement #domesticviolence

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