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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens One thing I can factually say is Sexual Abuse doesnt have a name, a race, a certain job, a sex, etc. It attacks anyone at anytime. Look at him. You would never know by his business attire and handsomness. Meet my King Cortland Jones who was sexual assaulted by a family member at the tender age of 4. I need you to understand how someones life is STRIPPED away from them by someone elses CHOICE. How do you expect someone to grow up and be NORMAL? Courtlands journey wasnt easy until he met God. Please welcome and give Cortland some words of love and growth as he continues on his journey to happiness. His book, "Out of Darkness" shares how he is overcoming his abuse. Cortland, my King, thank you for your bravery. Sharing your truth to the world is a huge step towards healing and I commend you. I love you and stay on your journey. We are in this together. MEN HURT TOO. Open your eyes people. THIS is REAL Dont be afraid to share your truth. Free yourself from this darkness my Kings and Queens I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL

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