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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens Yeaterday I was extremely proud of my self. Proud of myself to the point that I cried because it was another step closer to my yellow brick road. When I was in my abusive relationship, there was never a day I missed work. EVER. My ex would have days off and i wouldnt want to be there. Even the days I was sick I would go into work just so i wouldnt be home with him. I remember one year it snowed so bad it toke me 3 hours to get to work. I didnt care about how dangerous it was I just wasn't staying home with HIM. Moving forward I still have that insecurity. My mentor and therapist, Afi Gaston, reminded me last year that I dont have to be afraid anymore because I'm free of that. Sad as it was, he STILL had that control of MY life until Yesterday. I sat on the side of my bed for 45 minutes crying and trying to make that call. I went to the mirror and said "We got this". I dried my face and made that call. A call just to say "im taking off" It was a TRUE happy moment for me. For all my surviving survivors you know exactly what this meant to me. For those of you who dont I cant explain the damage that an abuser takes away from you. I cant explain the trauma that you have for years at the hands and minds of someone else. But I walk in my truth. The tears arent a sign of weakness just a flushing of my soul. I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement #domesticviolence 

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