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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens The thought of a father having to take his daughter off life support saddens me to the core. Shot five times, dad didnt want his baby girl to suffer because she was brain dead, all at the hands of her EX boyfriend. Now her beloved three children dont have no parents because dad just couldnt live with out this Queen. What's sad is she knew he was going to kill her as he always threatened to kill her. And he did. My Queen, Danekua Bankston, 28, I'm sorry. I pray that your family be covered with your wings. I pray for your dad and your precious three children. You are free from fear my Queen. Fly high. I love you. I cant say it any nicer, Domestic Violence will kill you. Pay attention to the signs. LOVE DOESNT KILL YOU #danekuabankston #domesticviolence 

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