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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens I cant begin to speak on the sadness I feel EVERY time I have to put words to these pictures. It could have been me. It could have been my child, my friends. It literally makes my heart ache with the WHYS. Princess Noelani was only 2years old. Her father decided to kill and throw her in a ditch AFTER he killed her mother Queen Sierra, 24, two days before. My feelings, my anger, is muffled day after day of these postings. My heart is bleeding that this family has to bury these two together. My Princess and Queen, I pray for your family. I pray that you fly circles around your family as they wonder why. I pray that you whisper in the Queens ears that are reading this and tell them, THIS IS REAL. I pray that your reality will save another. Hear me when I say I love you. Hear me when I say I wont stop being a Advocate because I want this to stop. Hear me when I say I'm praying for your family. Hear me when I say this Movement loves you #thebeautifulmovement #noelanirobinson #sierrarobinson 

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