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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens She'kierrah Hill, 18, shot and lay dead as her 11 month old, who was also shot twice, was found crawling around between his parents two dead bodies(the boyfriend/father shot himself as well). This was not the first time Domestic Violence had visited this home. But this time, he acted out what he had promised. This precious prince was not crying when they found him. I want to believe that his mommy had already wrapped her arms around her baby as she toke her wings to a higher kingdom. Dear Queen, you havent even experienced life yet and I'm sorry. Sorry that the man that was suppose to love you toke you from your/his son and family. I'm sorry. I pray you got your angel wings and you have covered your baby. I pray for strength for your family as they ask why and raise your little prince. I pray that his memories of you are grand in his little head. I love you my Queen. Fly high and meet your new sisters. Fly high My words are limited. All I can say is if you dont know, Domestic Violence is deadly. 800 799 7233 is all I can say

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