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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens Wow...what a throwback. I remember this little girl. Unharmed and enjoying the life of a child. Her ambition was to be a school teacher(she used to beg her mom to dress her like one). She would take her Mickey Mouse Projector into the bathroom and pretend she was teaching her class. Her goal was to help others. She would even punish her imaginary students but their punishment was to stay after school and talk about what they wanted out of life. WOW how at a young age we set our life up for the future. Fast forward.... I hope I made you proud of what I have become. I am a teacher for my truth of Domestic Violence. We didn't plan for that to destroy our life but we did prepare to teach and reach. Thank you for coming along with me on this journey. I pray that I have allowed your little voice in me to be free. We still have work to do but together we will rise I love you #thebeautifulmovement #domesticviolence 

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