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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens ******TRIGGER WARNING*** I do believe this is one of the worst post I have EVER had to write. "I should have just kept her and gone to jail" Cherone Coleman said of her beautiful princess Zoey. I've never said this before but I wished she would have too. I wish you would have broke every law to keep her princess safe. Writing this harsh reality of this precious 3 year olds death has taken me hours. I screamed for her, i cried for her just thinking of her being in a car that was chained and locked as her FATHER put the car on fire. He drove the car on fire, jumped out on fire and left this princess to die. I want to tell you dad that I hope you burn in hell but who am I. Princess Zoey, I love you. I love you. I LOVE YOU. You were 3 years old and you had to endure so much and did not deserve this because of OUR actions. My heart bleeds for your mommy and family so cover her with your arms. Whisper to her that we, The Beautiful Movement is here for her. Fly high princess. Fly high. Love on your family forever. The angels are waiting for you. Queen Cherone, my heart as a mother cant and wont imagine. My sorry wont help. Please feel my heart. My heart is so heavy for you. I love you and I pray for your strength and your wonder whys. I'm here for you anytime or any hour. I love you Anyone dealing with Domestic Violence please get help. Please dont let it end like this. THIS HAS ME DEVASTATED. I love you and please STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement #cheronecoleman #zoey 

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