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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens. Every day I would send her a message and tell her that I love her and that The Movement will always love her. She thought that was the coolest. She loved us and she supported the movement from the beginning. My heart is broken. I knew my angel grandparents were around me for a reason yesterday. Karen Cullum lost her battle yesterday at 2:20pm. Queen Karen, you know I love you from the bottom of my heart. You would always give me encouraging words and tell me that " I got this". Today I'm telling you, " You got this". Fly high my Queen. Go up there and give them hell. They are waiting on you. We love you. To your daughter, Diamond, we are here for you. We love you. Cry as hard as you want to, we got you. Your mom meant everything to me so you are not alone. We love you and are here if you need us baby girl. Rest in Paradise my Queen. We love you #thebeautifulmovement #restinparadise #weloveyou#karencullum

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